Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Diet, low calorie, feel full and lose weight.

Here is my diet. I am going to walk through everything. Including my weekly exercise routine and vitamins that I take. This diet may be controversial for many people, but for myself I find it effective and healthy. I have struggled with an ed in the past, but I have been recovered for some time (although some recovered ed sufferers have long term problems). I have been to the doctor for updates, and my diet and exercise regime seems be healthy, and alright, despite the low calories. For my size and height, things are working just fine. If you disagree, then please dont give me shit for it. This is my lifestyle, and I am here to share with you and learn about other girls diets and exercise plans in this sub culture.
So here we go. I will also list some alternatives to the foods if you do not like them. 

If you would like to track your calories and the benefits you get from eating certain foods, use  Its a wonderful website where you can sign up for free and learn great diet tips, fitness tips, and recipes! 

-1 cup of english breakfast tea with natural bliss sweet cream creamer and truvia sweatener, 35 calories. ( Dont use sugar, use sweet n low, or truvia. I like truvia because its a natural sugar from a plant. Sweet n low contains many chemicals that can be bad in the future for your body. Use truvia!). If you dont like normal black tea, have an other 0 calorie tea of your choice. You also dont have to use creamer, but I like to because I like my tea VERY sweet. 
-1 green apple 36 calories
-1 half cup of raspberries 64 calories 
=breakfast totals 135 calories 

-1 plain quaker rice cake with peanut butter = 130 calories (2 tablespoons of peanut butter=95calories, rice cake= 35 calories)
-sugar free jello =10 calories (I like the lime flavor)
-1 small peach= 31 calories
-Redbull total zero= 0 calories ( I usually have 2 because I am really tired at work.)
-bottle of water
-pineapple chunks=70 calories
lunch totals =241 calories

Low fat cottage cheese= 90 calories

Drink plenty of water! Always hydrate yourself. It helps flush your body of toxins, fill you up, and is good for your skin. 

-Campbells chicken noodle soup= 60 calories. I like to put crackers into my soup. I like Keebler toasteds onion flavoried crackers (5 crackers= 80 calories)
-one cut up tomato with kens steakhouse lite northern italian dressing, with fetta cheese ontop = 80 calories
(1 large tomato=33 calories, 1 tsp of dressing= 25 calories, 1 tbsp of feta cheese= 22 calories
-coke zero, or diet ginger ale.

Evening snack-
-1 cup of english tea with natural bliss sweet cream creamer =35 calories (I love my tea!)
-1 peach= 31 calories or
-1 piece of flax and grain bread with strawberry sugarfree jelly= 60 calories
the tea with the peach =66
with the toast= 95

Day totals: roughly 783 calories.

RADIANCE BRAND Acai and green tea 1500mg capsules
-Supports overall well being.  "Acai has gained rapid popularity as a super food used for health and vitality. Acai is chock-full of natural flavonoids and antioxidants, and this specialized blend with green tea helps to fight the effects of cell-damaging free radicals to help maintain optimal health." Take three times daily (I only take two)  These help improve your overall health, and I have seen an improvement in my skin. this also helps n preventing illness.  These are really wonderful. Make sure to take with food, because they do make you feel sick if you dont.
-I take fiber tablets, because my doctor advised me to. 
-Multi Vitamins
-Calcium supplements
-Water pills. I take these because I have issues with my menstrual cycle,  and these help me relieve my stresses. They also help maintain your water weight and fluids. If you look bloated, these will most defiantly help.

I LOVE exercise. It makes me feel wonderful, and my gym community is filled with very nice people. 
Now, I know that alot of people cant afford gym memberships, but my gym in my hometown offered a summer college student special just for summer. Classes are included. 
So here is what I do... 
Monday, =1 hour zumba class. 
If you dont know what zumba is, google it. Its a wonderful cardio dance class. shake that ass! This workout burns hundreds of calories and you sweat your ass off. 
After this exercise I do muscle training, I focus most of this on my abs and thighs. 

Tuesday- 1 hour yoga class (for beginners, its not to intense) I take this class as an opportunity to become more flexible, and to warm up for my class thats right after this one
-1 hour intense cardio kickboxing class this is BRUTAL you sweat your ASS off. its way more intense than zumba. This workout is wonderful. This class is focused for women, and we also work on abs.
-After this I also work more on my abs, and other parts like my arms and thighs. 

Wednesday: Repeat Monday

Thursday: Repeat Tuesday.  

As for Friday and Saturday I dont really go to the gym because I work really late in the evenings till 2 am, so I sleep all day. But If I get home, I do a workout video. I use this one:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1092&bih=499&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=13929727201126901330&sa=X&ei=QxfxT4nFEoGV6wHfwf2GBg&ved=0CGAQxBUwAA

You sweat hardcore, and its very effective. But you can do any workout video you like. Or even find some on youtube for free. 
I also have a yoga ball and a few small weights at home that I use if I cant make it to the gym. But if you want to lose weight, you must do cardio. Thats why zumba and cardio kickboxing are wonderful, no equipment is necessary, and you have fun doing it! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lets get started!

Hello all! Let me introduce myself. 
My name is Sophie. I am a 19 year old college student who has lived within this so called gothic subculture for most of my life. I am a english major and a classical literature major. In school, I am studying German. I speak Japanese pretty much fluently, I took classes since was 12 years old. I love reading, video games, tattoos, anime, fashion, and beauty. I am an theistic satanist, and you can view my other blog devoted to my religious beliefs here : .  Most of all, FITNESS. I am an avid gym goer, and go to the gym almost every day. I take zumba, yoga, and cardio kickboxing classes weekly. I enjoy diet and fitness with a great passion, which could be a little strange to people who see me on the streets. Outside of the gym, im your typical elegant gothic girl, wearing black dresses and mary janes. Sporting my short bangs and pale skin and red lips. 
 The point im trying to make out of this blog is that yes, there are many different subcultures. But when people look to this particular one, they dont tend to associate it with diet and fitness! Thats why I want to bring all us girls together to talk about and learn about what we all do! Because we are a large large group that need to love and support eachother.

DISCLAIMER: I am not promoting anorexia or bulimia, or any other kind of eating disorder. I have suffered from an ED. I am not encouraging any girl or boy to become an eating disorder sufferer. I encourage all people suffering from one to get assistance. However, I will be discussing some questionable diet content such as diet pills and fasting, but to be used in a safe way. I will not be promoting starvation, or vomiting, or the abuse of laxatives in any way. All my diets, exercise routines, are healthy. Now then,

I do not care what your current height or weight is. 
I am 5'2 and 102lbs. I have never been higher than this. I am a very active girl, and eat an extremely healthy (to my standards) diet. I do eat a very low cal diet, but this method ensures I get all my nutrients into my body. The calorie intake ranges daily, depending on what I eat (which I have planned out and follow) This all could be considered risky eating to others, or even anorexia. This could be the aftermath of my own ed, but I   am positive with these few calories, you can feel fuller, satisfied, and lose the weight in a HEALTHY way. Along with certain vitamins to ensure you get any loss of nutrients.

This blog and my diet regime will also discuss other topics for health and beauty: such as mental health, vitamins, makeup, hair, fashion..anything you want really! Im just here to show the healthy side of this subculture. Its not all what the rest of society thinks. 
We are people too, and like everyone else in the world , "some people live healthy lifestyles, otheres do not. It doesnt matter what you look like, everyone is a human being, and everyone chooses the way they live"
And with that, I give you Skinny little Bitch.. The gothic subcultures diet and fitness, healthy and beauty blog :) Look forward to more of my introduction to my diet plan, and fitness regime!  Feel free to ask me anything, and email me at